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Viviane Stappmanns

Women at work

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Viviane Stappmanns is a curator at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein (Germany), and currently a guest professor at the University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe. With a longstanding practice in design curating, writing and teaching, as well as degrees in both journalism and interior design, she is particularly interested in issues of social sustainability in design. Her current project is an international survey on women in design.

She has taught at the School of Architecture and Urban Design at RMIT University in Melbourne (Australia), where she previously graduated with degrees in Interior Design and Journalism. She has worked as a writer, researcher and publisher on the subjects and architecture and design since 2002.

Ongoing research interests pertain to curatorial practice in design and architecture, as well as transdisciplinary approaches to spatial design, living environments and housing.

Women at work

Be it in furniture design, fashion design, industrial design, or interior design, women have contributed crucially to the development of modern design, both creatively and commercially. And yet books about the history of design often fail to mention them.

The Vitra Design Museum’s exhibition “Here We Are! Women in Design 1900 – Today” seeks to help redress the balance. Presenting women designers from the past 120 years, it tells a new, many-voiced story of design against the background of the struggle for equal rights and recognition.

Viviane Stappmanns will share insights into the research and production of the exhibition, introduces unknown practitioners and postulates questions and provocations around the topic of women in design. Who has been overlooked, and why? Do we need to change our definitions and preconceptions of design to uncover new stories, histories and protagonists? And what does that mean for the present and future of design?