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Luna Maurer

Rules of the game

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Sala Aleix CarriĆ³

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Luna Maurer is an interaction and media design artist. Originally from Stuttgart (Germany), she completed her studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.

Together with Roel Wouters she is head of the Amsterdam based studio Moniker. With Moniker, they explore characteristics of technology, and how it influences our daily lives. They are experts in participatory projects and have a warm heart for the web, film and performances. Their clients range from cultural institutions like Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam and Foundation Beyeler, Basel to more technology oriented clients like the Mozilla Foundation, Unity 3D and Google.

Luna Maurer has been teaching at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam and Yale School of Arts in New Haven. Moniker has won many awards, including a British Music Video Award, a Webby, several Dutch Design Awards and the Amsterdamprijs voor de Kunst. Together with Edo Paulus and Jonathan Puckey, Moniker authored the Conditional Design Manifesto.

Rules of the game

With Monikers special focus on process design and participation of the public Luna Maurer will share in her lecture the thoughts on these topics. The principles of their work-method have been laid down in the Conditional Design Manifesto. Rather than in the design itself they are interested in the rules that generate the design and the environment wherein the design evolves. The public often plays a crucial role in their projects. Projects include music videos, installations in museums, performances, digital campaigns and drawing workshops. Luna Maurer will present some of their projects and also show how small experiments in their studio playground turn into participatory projects for a broad public.